How Do Teeth Bleaching Trays Work?

Dental patients who want whiter teeth have a variety of options at their disposal. Over the counter treatments are available, but they take quite some time and are less effective than their professionally administered counterparts. Professional quality Teeth Bleaching Trays have been proven to be a more efficient option, giving patients the chance to restore their pearly whites in much less time.

How Do They Work?

When using the tray method, a patient’s dentist will take an impression of his or her mouth. This will be used to form carefully molded trays. The trays are thin and light to wear, and because they are fitted specifically to the patient’s mouth, they are more comfortable than over the counter alternatives.

Once the trays have been created, they can be taken home. Patients then add a small amount of professional grade lightening solution to their trays, then wear them for between two and six hours per day until their teeth have reached the shade they desire.

How Long Does it Take?

Most patients see results within two weeks, although serious cases of discoloration may require as long as four weeks. In comparison, over the counter treatments often take several months to achieve maximum effect. The trays can be kept for touch-ups in the future, removing the need for refitting each time the patient wants to whiten his or her teeth.

Achieve Maximum Results

The best results can be achieved by wearing the trays overnight. Patients who experience discomfort may wish to wear the trays for a shorter period of time, though. This will not decrease their overall effectiveness but may lead to the need for more prolonged treatment.

What Other Options Are Available?

Patients who are not interested in Teeth Bleaching Trays can also turn to in-office cleaning and whitening solutions. In-office whitening may require several visits to the dentist, but it is also proven to be effective as a long-term solution to tooth discoloration.

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