Options for Teeth Whitening System Service

A bright smile builds confidence, can help with career advancement, and allows people to laugh out loud without worrying about stains on the teeth. Everyday things most people eat and drink, such as coffee, wine, blueberries, and tea will stain teeth. Tobacco use, the natural aging process, and some prescription medication can stain and dull teeth as well.

Teeth Whitening

Several over the counter (OTC) products are available to whiten teeth. Gels, pastes, trays, and strips all claim to whiten teeth better than the next product. These OTC options are cost-effective, so many people try them out. Most are disappointed with the results. Teeth may be slightly whiter after the treatments, but rarely are as white as the user’s desire.

The reason for that is these products are designed for at-home use and do not have the ingredients found in professional teeth whitening systems. The results will not last very long so people may be actually spending more money each year on OTC products than they would on one whitening treatment at the dentist office.

Professional Whitening

There are a few choices for Teeth Whitening System Service provided by a dentist. Older systems bleach teeth over two or more appointments. These are still available and offered by dentists. The latest technology is utilized in newer systems for better results that last up to a year.

One treatment is all that is needed to make teeth six to ten shades whiter. It takes approximately one hour. The newest treatment offered at a dentist office is called Zoom 2 Professional Whitening System. The procedure is different than other systems.

A hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth. The gel is then heated with an ultraviolet light to break down the gel. The oxygen is released into the teeth and bleaches them without harming the strength or structure of the teeth. A touch-up kit is provided to prolong the results. People can use it whenever stains begin to appear.


Not every whitening system is ideal for every patient so a consultation is needed before professional whitening can be completed. Some medications and conditions may interact with a specific system. The dentist will determine which system will safely deliver the desired results. People can go to Carrierdentistrytx.com to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist.