Services offered by Restorative Dentists

Today, visiting a restorative dentist in Fairfield, CT is more common than it was in the past. A dental restoration is necessary when the natural structure of the tooth is compromised. This can be the result of an injury, tooth decay or if the replacement of an existing dental restoration is needed. Some of the most popular dental restorations done today can be found here.


The goal of any type of restorative procedure is to ensure the tooth is restored to its full strength and function. In some cases, a restorative dentist in Fairfield, CT may use a filling to help accomplish this, but it will be dependent on the severity of the tooth decay.


Another type of dental restoration is a crown. This will completely cover the tooth right to the gum line. The crown that is placed will encase the whole visible portion of the tooth. As a result, this will be your new tooth and function normally. In many cases, a crown is recommended if decay has eaten away at so much of the tooth that it is no longer stable. The placement of a crown will typically require two or more visits.


A dental bridge will do just what the name implies, provide a bridge between two of your teeth to cover the area where a tooth is missing. Unlike a dental implant, these are not anchored to your jaw. Rather, they are going to be anchored to the teeth that are adjacent to the space. A bridge is a fixed prosthetic, which means once it is in place, you don’t remove it for cleaning.

If you are missing teeth, or need any other type of restoration, then it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with a restorative dentist in Fairfield, CT.

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