Some Reasons for Ridge Expansion in Lawrence, KS

If you recently decided to consider dental implants, you may also need ridge expansion to ensure that you get the best results and have a short and comfortable recovery. Dental implants improve your smile and help you retain your oral health as a whole, which might be impossible with too many missing teeth. However, if your missing teeth fell out long ago, your jawbone may not be strong enough to support dental implants any more and you could need expansion.


Your dental professional may suggest ridge expansion in Lawrence, KS because you had a tooth extraction, which could have caused you to lose some jawbone in the process. A ridge expansion might be the best option to recreate your jawbone in order to replace the missing material of your bone. Not only will you regain the structural strength of your jaw but it should be simple to then place the implants into the bone.

Lost Teeth

Many people lose teeth for as many different reasons but if you lost a tooth or teeth because of an accident or gum disease, also called periodontal disease, it may be that your jawbone became reabsorbed. An expansion could augment the thinned jawbone, thickening it up enough to more easily support dental implants, which are a relatively straightforward procedure. Check out to learn more about this procedure.

Implant Benefits

There are more than a few reasons to expand your jaw but implants are one of the more common causes and the benefit of this type of procedure is fairly huge. For example, you could get implants that would complete your smile, leaving no gaps that would otherwise cause a number of different aesthetic and functional problems. In addition, you might decide to get the implants as a permanent alternative to dentures, which can not only ensure that you get beautiful teeth forever but keep your chewing ability strong and reliable.