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Endodontics Can Save Severely Damaged Teeth

Dental anxiety prevents a lot of men and women from going to the dentist regularly. They may have had a troubling experience as a child or simply heard horror stories from other people that made them afraid to allow a dental professional to treat their teeth. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist usually results in oral health… Read more »

Dental Implants in Ann Arbor MI Can Restore Your Smile

When a person is dealing with missing teeth, there are a couple of different options the dentist can offer. The dentist can create a bridge to temporarily replace the missing teeth. These typically last about fifteen years if they are cared for properly. If a person is missing a lot of teeth, the dentist can… Read more »

Is Your Smile Ready for Dental Implants in Queens NY?

Though there are many cosmetic concerns that can make a person unhappy with the appearance of their smile, there is one that causes major problems. Missing teeth not only makes a person feel like their smile is unattractive but it can also cause them to be unable to eat certain foods or even speak with… Read more »

What Are Self-Ligating Dental Braces?

There are a number of different types of braces in Downers Grove. Traditional metal braces are by far the most common; they use brackets, arch-wires and rubber bands. Lingual braces are fitted on the back of the teeth and cannot be seen but are expensive, clear ceramic braces are less visible but they tend to… Read more »

Seeing an Oral Surgeon for Gingivitis

One of the most common periodontal diseases in dentistry today is gingivitis, which is basically characterized by inflammation and bleeding gums. There are different stages of gingivitis and this disease, as is the case with most oral diseases character, has different phases. Your Oral Surgeon has available solutions to help control this disease that affects… Read more »