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Which Type Of Braces Are Right For You?

Although traditional metal braces are still the most popular approach to straightening crooked teeth, they are not the only type of braces. Based on the specifics of your situation your orthodontist will determine the most suitable braces in Chicago Loop. Your orthodontist will suggest braces that are best suited to moving your teeth into the… Read more »

Top Tips to Ensure Invisalign in Auburn, NY Works for You

Invisalign in Auburn, NY works to help you straighten your teeth and the end result is the perfect, gorgeous, and white smile you have always wanted. If you have already gotten your Invisalign braces, then read on below for some tips for ensuring Invisalign works for you.

Some Reasons for Ridge Expansion in Lawrence, KS

If you recently decided to consider dental implants, you may also need ridge expansion to ensure that you get the best results and have a short and comfortable recovery. Dental implants improve your smile and help you retain your oral health as a whole, which might be impossible with too many missing teeth. However, if… Read more »

Dental Sealants in Winchester Can Be Lifesavers

Dental sealants are used for both children and adults to strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities from forming in the future. The sealants are made of a strong clear material that bonds to the flat surfaces of the teeth so that when you chew, some of the food is repelled away from the teeth and… Read more »