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Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

Any surgical procedure performed on the mouth is a hard sell, but among the hardest is the root canal. In recent years, pop culture has done its hardest to make the term root canal synonymous with ungodly pain. The phrase alone can make an algophobe squirm in their seat from the implication. However, times have… Read more »

The Many Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry in Baltimore City

Few things are more universal than the love of and desire for a bright, beautiful smile. After all, a smile is a smile anywhere in the world. It’s something that you can share with everyone from strangers on the street to that special someone to the friends and family who make life worthwhile.

Teaching Kids about Detanl Care in Ypsilanti, MI

Encouraging proper dental care for the kids might seem like a burdensome task, especially when their friends have told frightening tales about trips to the dentists and they’ve seen the same on television. However, this task is such an important one because establishing good patterns now seriously affects the future. From toddlers to teenagers, kids… Read more »