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What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns in Vancouver, WA

Unlike a shark, which may have as many as 50,000 teeth in a lifetime in several different sets, humans only get one set of 28 permanent teeth (not including wisdom teeth). That means that when something happens to a permanent tooth, whether it gets damaged in an accident or from tooth decay or other diseases,… Read more »

How Do Veneers in Vancouver, WA, Improve Your Smile?

The appearance of your smile is important because it can either lift your self-esteem or lower it. When your teeth do not look their best, it can be difficult to feel comfortable smiling and even talking to others. Instead of hiding your smile in shame, there are many cosmetic dental procedures available to improve your… Read more »

3 Reasons Pediatric Dental in Indianapolis IN is So Important

Your child’s health is extremely important, and with this should be included his tooth health. With the proper dental care, your child can have a healthy smile and avoid complications related to dental diseases and other issues. Among the benefits of pediatric dental care include aiding in development as a whole, the avoidance of tooth… Read more »