A More Beautiful Smile through Teeth Whitening

Smile makeover has become a trend in this society that puts too much importance on beauty and perfection. With the products of technology in this generation, an individual can enhance her beauty through botox and laser technology. Having smooth skin is an easy process much like smile makeover which can be handled within an hour at the dentist’s office. This simple process which is part and parcel of a smile makeover is called teeth whitening in Vernon CT.

Benefits gained from teeth whitening procedures are as follows:

1. A person can suffer from teeth discoloration due to the foods consumed like coffee, tea or wine. A smoker usually suffers from yellowish stains due to tar. People need not suffer from these obvious inconveniences as there is an easy option through teeth whitening which can easily recover the pearly white color.

2. With teeth whitening procedures in Vernon CT an individual regains confidence and self esteem since it makes it easy for him to smile or grin without any self consciousness. It can completely change a personality when one gains confidence.

3. Laser whitening is the most effective and quickest among the teeth whitening options but, unfortunately, it is also considered as the most expensive. However, the price paid for the service is worth the perfect smile.

Besides the laser teeth whitening, there are other methods like whitening toothpaste. Many of these toothpastes are available in the market and you can simply take a pick from those available. It is good to remember, however, that it is not a quick fix as you have to patiently wait for their positive effects. The whitening toothpaste can remove the surface stains and can lighten the color of the teeth.

Besides the toothpaste, there are also over-the-counter whitening strips and gels which can be used regularly to achieve positive effects within a few months. Normally, it is required to use these options at least twice a day but the effects are not immediate unlike the laser teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. When the bleaching is done in the office of a dentist, the effects are visible after 30 minutes to an hour. The bleaching product is applied directly to the teeth and used with a combination of heat.

However, if you are one who is obviously wishing for a great improvement on the teeth, whitening may not be enough. If you will consult with a professional cosmetic dentist, he can assess your situation and provide the best recommendation whether you can do better with veneers. There are teeth that are badly discolored and stained that teeth whitening methods may not be the solution. The teeth can easily be covered with porcelain veneers not just to cover the stains but other imperfections like chips and broken teeth.

It is also important to consult with the dentist whether the toothpaste of the gels you are planning to purchase over-the-counter are certified by American Dental Association with regards to their safety. These products are quite popular right now but it remains important to confirm its quality.