Children Need a Dentist from Infancy to Young

If you’re a parent with a new baby, you often find yourself with a schedule full of appointments regarding your newest family member. While most of these involve well-baby check-ups and shot clinics, before long, it is time for your child’s first dental appointment. You may even start looking for your baby’s first dentist in Northridge, CA, before your child is even born.

From First Exam Through High School, Your Child Needs Only One Dentist

Choosing a dental clinic as soon as possible benefits your family for years to come. Finding one that can provide care from infancy through the later teen years helps improve long-term dental health.

  • Handles all stages of development
  • Easier tracking of potential and known problems
  • Better bedside manner by knowing your child

How a Consistent Relationship with a Dentist in Northridge, CA, Helps Your Child

When your child needs cleanings, braces, fillings, or other dental work, comparing their past x-rays with new ones can reveal any unusual situations. When your child has a dental emergency, knowing his or her dentist and the staff can create a calmer experience for everyone involved.

A Family-Oriented Dental Clinic Benefits the Entire Family

Seeing a family dentist with their own clinic could mean less work for you as a parent, as everyone in your family can come in for cleanings at the same time. When your family visits the same dental clinic that provides care for all ages, inherited problems and hygiene practices shared by the family make providing personalized care extremely easy. Highly detailed care can pinpoint problem areas well in advance, making efforts at prevention much more effective.

It is Never Too Early to Start Caring for Your Children’s Teeth

Seeing the dentist early in life also reduces a fear of dental care in the future. Help your child see the value in taking care of their smile as early as possible. Dr. Hackman DDS

from All Family Dental Care understands patients of all ages, their needs, and their concerns. Visit us for more information about how we can help your family and to schedule an appointment.