Do Not Let a Dental Emergency Go Uncared for when a Reliable Dentist is Available

Accidents do happen or unexpected dental problems that can result in a painful issue that must be addressed quickly. Whether a tooth has been dislodged, broken, or chipped when there is a dental emergency, it is urgent to immediately see a certified dentist. While a dental issue can cause excruciating pain, severe swelling, or even affect how a person ability to speak or eat. One of the primary reasons to see an emergency dentist in the South Loop is to help prevent further issues from developing that can be difficult to correct. Especially, in cases when a tooth has been displaced where time is a factor in whether the tooth can be positioned back into the person’s mouth.

What is Deemed a Dental Crisis

   * A tooth knocked out of alignment
   * Cracked or chipped teeth
   * Severely bitten lip or tongue
   * Dislodged tooth that was knocked-out
   * Tissue bleeding that will not stop
   * Abscessed tooth
   * Broken Jaw
   * Intense facial pain

What to do During an Emergency

The first thing a person should do during a sudden dental problem is to contact an emergency dentist in the South Loop. The dental care team will provide information on what the individual should do until they can make it to the dentist office. Information on how to properly handle and preserve a tooth that has been dislodged, or using a cold compression to help numb the irritation and reduce swelling until seen by a certified dentist.

Do Not Delay in Calling a Dentist

To prevent further damage and to reduce the discomfort caused by a dental issue, you should not wait to call a dentist. The skilled team at South & West Loop Dental are ready to help solve any dental problem and relieve the discomfort when an emergency occurs using the latest dental equipment and techniques available. To know more information visit