How to Prepare for Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas

When individuals learn they need Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas, they often feel nervous. No one wants to experience pain, but it is important to note that all extractions are carried out under a local anesthetic so no pain is felt. With this information, individuals will learn what to expect from the process.

What to Expect From an Extraction

Knowing what to expect from Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas will help individuals to feel less nervous and prepare themselves for the procedure. The following offers insight into how a tooth is extracted.

Before the dentist extracts the tooth, they will first numb the area. The numbing medicine helps to ensure the individual will be able to go through their extraction process without feeling any pain. The only thing the patient will likely feel is minimal pressure as the dentist removes the tooth.

Some extractions are more difficult than others and take longer. For large teeth, the dentist may have to remove the tooth in pieces so damage does not occur to the jawbone or surrounding teeth. The dentist will take the utmost care in removing the tooth.

Depending on the tooth size, stitches may be put in place. If stitches are needed, the dentist will use dissolvable stitches that slowly dissolve over time. It is imperative individuals know how to properly care for their socket after extraction.

How to Care for the Socket

If no stitches were put in place after the tooth removal, there will be an open socket that will need to heal. The dentist will advise their patient to avoid sucking on a straw, smoking or spitting because these actions can all dislodge the clot that forms and cause a painful condition called a dry socket.

Eating a soft food diet and taking time to carefully chew will help with the healing process. Swishing with warm salt water can also help.

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