See An Orthodontist in Lombard To Learn About Nearly Invisable Braces For Adults

Orthodontics is that area in dentistry that deals with fixing irregularities of teeth by using braces. The question is when should someone first see an Orthodontist in Lombard? The answer is just as soon as they have all of their adult teeth. This happens around the age of 7. An orthodontist can examine how the teeth are growing in. They can tell if the young patient is likely to develop an overbite, underbite, have teeth grow in crooked or with unusual spaces or gaps between teeth. If any of these conditions are starting to develop, the orthodontist will prescribe braces.

Fixing teeth that are growing in improperly are is easier to fix in children because their teeth are still growing and their jaw bones are softer, so making corrections with braces less difficult. The children also accept the wearing of braces much easier than adults do and once the corrections are made they also adjust, to wearing the retainer at night better than adults.

If you are a fully grown adult and your parents didn’t have the chance to fix your teeth problems as a child, there is still help available. The first choice is to do it the same way it would have been done with children, prescribe braces to be work for about 18 months followed by wearing a retainer for a prescribed amount of time. Unfortunately most adults aren’t very accepting of this kind of solution to their dental challenge.

Advances in dentistry has now provided adults with another option to get their teeth fixed. Instead of using traditional wire braces a new type of aligner has been developed. It is called Invisalign and consists of a set of aligners that you change about every two weeks. Each of the aligners is made to exact calculations for the individual patient’s teeth. These aligners are made of a material that is clear and nearly invisible when worn so your friends and co-workers won’t even know that you are wearing them. Adults accept this more readily because they don’t have to face the embarrassment of wearing traditional wire braces.

You can get this fantastic new means of fixing crooked teeth or teeth with gaps by contacting your local orthodontist or cosmetic dentist so don’t wait any longer, make that call today to set an appointment. Visit Oakbrook Orthodontics for more information.