Three Solutions for Tooth Crowding That You May Want to Consider

Tooth crowding is a complicated issue to have. It can cause embarrassment in social situations as well as difficulty keeping the teeth clean. You have several options if you have a small mouth with crowding issues. These are three solutions you may want to consider.

Tooth Removal

You can opt for tooth removal if you have some teeth that are overlapping the others. Some people have crowding so bad that it creates a second row of teeth behind the first row, as well. You can speak to a specialist about possibly pulling some of the teeth that you may feel are unnecessary. That may work if you have some baby teeth that never came out.

Classic Braces

You could try a more thorough treatment plan that would involve some extractions and the placement of classic braces. Classic braces are still a very stable and effective solution for many of the tooth issues today. They are also affordable. The treatment may take two to three years, including the time you might have to wear a retainer.

Dental Aligners

Dental aligners are becoming a trendy solution these days. Invisalign in Frisco is now a household name, as it’s the most popular brand of aligners. Invisalign in Frisco is a system that uses clear plastic aligners to fix crooked teeth and bring together gaps and such. The patient changes the aligners every two weeks until the set of aligners is gone. They are a great alternative to standard braces because the clients can remove them at any time. That makes eating, drinking and teeth brushing easy. The aligners only have to stay in the mouth for 22 hours a day.

There is help for your tooth crowding issue. Contact a professional to discuss the options with you or perhaps come up with an entirely new one.

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