What to Expect on Your First Appointment with a Cosmetic Dentist in South Loop

The majority of people don’t think a dental visit is necessary until they start to observe various dental problems. Unfortunately, fear and costs are some of the leading reasons as to why many people delay their first dental appointments. Cosmetic dentistry has been on the rise, with many people looking to restore or correct some dental features. Perhaps you need to re-align your teeth? Here’s what to expect when seeing a cosmetic dentist for the first time.

After straightening out all the details and facts on your desired procedure, the cosmetic dentist will conduct a complete assessment of your mouth. This includes a comprehensive inspection of any previous dental work. Your Cosmetic Dentist South Loop may conduct tests such as X-Rays in the case of invasive procedures such as dental implants.

Face to face consultation
Cosmetic dentistry deals with procedures such as teeth whitening, braces, Invisalign, and dental implants, among others. Depending on what your interests and desires are, the Cosmetic Dentist in South Loop will take you through the details about the procedure and the criteria considered to select candidates for the treatment. You might also want to air your concerns and ask questions concerning the process during the consultation session.

Discuss expectations
Once the results are out, your dentist may find the need to discuss what to expect after the dental cosmetic procedure. Feel free to express what you need from the cosmetic treatment, especially if you are looking to have crowns, dental implants, veneers, or white teeth.

Scheduled plans
Depending on the dentist’s schedules, your schedules, and your plans, the treatment may follow up immediately. Complex treatments such as implants could be rescheduled to later dates to allow preparation. This is also a good time to discuss payment details and options.

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