3 Different Types of Braces Offered by an Orthodontist in California MD

Braces are not only used to straighten teeth, but they are also needed to correct a patient’s bite. Orthodontic treatment can even help prevent certain dental problems from arising in the future. There are different types of braces offered by an Orthodontist in California MD.

Metal Braces

When most people think of braces, they imagine metal brackets and wires. Metal braces remain the most popular type of orthodontic treatment. They are the perfect option for teens who want to correct either crowded or spaced teeth. Metal braces have a high success rate.

Patients who are getting traditional braces will have a metal bracket attached to the front of each tooth. Wires are added to connect the braces together. During the course of treatment, the dentist will tighten or loosen the wires to slowly move the patient’s teeth into the ideal position.

Clear Braces

Some people feel self-conscious wearing metal braces. These patients should ask their Orthodontist in California MD about clear braces. Instead of metal brackets, clear braces have brackets that are constructed out of a clear or tooth-colored composite material.

While clear braces are noticeable up close, many people don’t notice them from a distance. Metal wires are still necessary to move the teeth, but the composite brackets may help the patient feel less self-conscious about flashing their smile during treatment.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are the latest innovation in orthodontics. Unlike the other types of braces, this version doesn’t rely on brackets and wires. Instead, patients are prescribed a set of clear trays that are worn over the teeth like a retainer. Each tray slowly shifts the patient’s teeth into a new location.

Adult patients especially like the freedom and discretion that invisible braces provide. While invisible braces are becoming more popular, they are still not recommended for patients with very complex cases. Only an orthodontist can determine if invisible braces will work for a patient.

Braces are more common than ever before. Both teens and adults are choosing to correct their teeth with braces. Many orthodontists offer different types of braces to their patients, including metal, clear and invisible braces. Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn which orthodontic treatment would be ideal for your smile.