Consider Getting A Dental Implant In Eagan MN If You’re Missing A Tooth

Missing teeth can cause an individual to be self-conscious about their appearance and lower their self-esteem. An individual will very often hide their mouth while speaking, keep their lips together to smile or bow their head. A Dental Implant in Eagan MN will restore an individual’s smile, give them the self-confidence they need and provide them with the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted. Another benefit of a dental implant is an individual will be able to chew their food properly and improve their digestion.

Difference Between A Bridge And A Dental Implant

A Dental Implant in Eagan MN is a permanent solution that will last for years to come. Once an implant is installed in an individual’s gum, it will look and feel the same as a natural tooth. There won’t be any reason to remove the implant because of food becoming lodged under the appliance like a bridge.


Many patients are eligible to receive a dental implant. A dentist must perform a thorough examination of the patient’s bone and gum health before implanting a new tooth. The bone must be strong enough to hold the post in place.

How Many Appointments Will A Dental Implant Need?

It usually requires three visits to a dentist to complete a dental implant process. The first visit will be the thorough examination of the oral health of a patient. During the second visit, a small hole will be drilled into the bone, and a titanium post will be inserted. After healing has occurred, a patient will return to have their crown attached to the post.

Will The Implant Function Like A Natural Tooth?

A dental implant will look identical to the other teeth. It will help to eliminate the teeth from shifting, jaw pain, and so much more. No one will know the implant isn’t a natural tooth.

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