Find Out More About Dental Implant Cost by Finding a Prosthodontist in Chicago

While some Chicago residents don’t care about costs, others want to make sure that they can afford smile enhancements. Dentures may be less expensive and covered by most insurance plans, but they aren’t the most suitable options and can even cause more issues over time. Dental implants are the perfect solution, but dental implant costs in Chicago do impede people from considering them.

No Set Price

As with many services on the market, most dentists don’t offer a set price for implants. Just like you have to call in to ask about pricing for hair color at the salon, you’re likely to have to consider many variables before talking prices and making your decision.

Factors can include multiple appointments, multiple procedures, how much jawbone you have left, what type of implants you desire, and much more. If you have questions about price, don’t hesitate to contact our prosthodontist in Chicago.


Another factor for the price is that the implants are customized for your mouth and to match the tooth that was lost. Dentures and bridges aren’t nearly as customizable. Most people require adhesives to keep them in place. With implants, they are permanently fused with the jawbone and never fall out or get removed. Because of this, the price is higher, but the value is also higher.

For example, while costs are higher, you’re likely to notice many benefits of implants that you can’t get from other tooth replacement options. They last a lot longer than dentures and bridges, which means you’re less likely to have to replace them within a few decades.

Dental implant cost varies based on the person and your particular needs. Visit EON Clinics in Chicago to learn more about their services.