Get a Beautiful Smile

When your teeth are out of alignment, they are more difficult to keep clean and free of plaque, tartar, and cavities. Misaligned teeth could also make it more difficult for you to chew, and you might experience jaw pain or headaches from the strain. Poor tooth alignment may also contribute to a smile that you might try to hide by keeping your mouth closed when you have your photo taken. Invisalign Lakeview is a service provided by our dentists as a way to enhance the look and health of your teeth.

Invisalign is an ideal orthodontic solution for anyone with mild misalignment of the teeth. If you are an adult who had braces as a teenager, your teeth might have shifted a little. This could be likely if you stopped using a retainer. Getting Invisalign is a way to shift your teeth back into their ideal positions in your jaw.

Some people only have mild misalignment of their teeth to begin with, and Invisalign can help. The process of Invisalign orthodontic care takes one to two years. You will receive a customized set of clear aligners. After a few weeks in one aligner, you switch to the next one in the sequence. You wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every day, only taking them out in order to eat or clean your teeth. Nobody will notice the clear Invisalign tooth aligning system.

Feel more confident about your smile and the way that your teeth look when you choose Invisalign Lakeview. Our dentists and staff at Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park look forward to helping you get an improved smile, more self-confidence, and teeth that are easier to clean. Give us a call today, or visit us online at for additional details about Invisalign and how it works.