Getting Teeth Implants in Macon, GA – What You Need to Know

One of the most common services offered by cosmetic dentists nowadays is the installation of teeth implants. If you have a broken or a misshapen tooth, you can get implants installed to replicate the look and feel of your original teeth. Implants are generally installed in the gum line, underneath the visible surface. They are designed to support crowns, which protrude above the surface of the teeth.

Getting teeth implants is not a straightforward process, however. You will need to visit your local dentist and get detailed scans done before implants can be installed in your teeth. Teeth implants are generally installed with a lot of care by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Here are some things that you should know about getting the implants installed.

The Installation Process

During your first visit to the dentist for teeth implants in Macon, GA, the dentist will start by inspecting your denture to determine the points where the implants will be installed. Once that is done, the dentist will take X-rays and scans and send them to a laboratory for getting the implants made.


The implants will be drilled into your jawbone to fix them into position. Macon, GA teeth implants are offered by local dentists in the city, so you can check online for a local dentist in your area and then set an appointment for further study. Once the implant has been installed and the wound has healed, the dentist will screw in the crown firmly in place. By the time the implant has been installed and the crown is affixed, your denture will be completely in line. If you are thinking about getting implants installed, just keep in mind that it can be a more costly procedure.