How Dental Implants In Trumbull Can Affect Your Well Being

Either due to a dental emergency, hereditary issues, illness, or poor dental hygiene, dental implants may be the proper treatment for teeth loss. Dental Implants Trumbull are a replication of the tooth and the root system. Providing a strong foundation in the mouth any number of procedures from teeth to bridges can be put in by a dental professional.

Immediately, the thought of a nice smile is enough of an advantage to investigate the benefits of Dental Implants Trumbull, however there are many more benefits to think about. You may have improved speech and comfort through a replacement tooth. Eating is made easier and obviously, your oral health will be improved upon. Also, consider the durability, convenience and the improved self-esteem you will have with a corrected smile.

The success rate for dental implants is over 95%. The success rate can be attributed to the fact that most procedures are done after a battery of physical tests have been performed. In some situations, cheap dental implants may be used but the success rate is much lower. For instance, an implant would not be performed on someone that would not be able to handle a simple dental procedure. Weak gums or bones would not be strong enough to hold an implant and thus the procedure would be avoided and other alternatives would be pursued.

There are three steps involved with getting an implant for your teeth. The first step involves meeting with a team of professionals that can evaluate your situation and join together to come up with a plan for your implants. The second step involves a 12 week process where your jawbone grows over a implanted metal post. This metal post will be used to hinge your implant in place.

Lastly, after you jawbone has completely healed, a connector post, or abutment, is attached and a new tooth can be fitted on. Previously, your dentist would have made impressions of your bite to mold a tooth to fit securely in this space. While making the impression, efforts are taken to match the color of the teeth as well so that a natural, form fitting, replacement tooth is put into place and performs as securely as your own natural teeth.