Make Dental Procedures Bearable Using Chanhassen MN Sedation Dentistry

For some people, going to the dentist is a scary prospect. In fact, fear of the dentist, their equipment or the procedures they use is the main reason that people avoid dental treatments. Unfortunately, this tends to make things worse because the reason for seeking out expert help is not going to go away on its own, the problem simply gets worse the longer a person waits. Thankfully, Chanhassen MN Sedation Dentistry can help by creating a relaxing environment and providing the best medication to reduce the stress of the visit.

Sedation Dentistry is available at different levels based on the needs of the patient. The lowest level is a mix of relaxing music or video, which works to distract the patient, and the use of nitrous-oxide. This is usually enough for those folks with a mild fear of the dentist when combined with the local anesthetic required for numbing the damaged area.

For more severe phobias, the dentist has several alternatives including the use of pills for conscious sedation or the use of intravenous (IV) medication for those that need to be asleep. Methods will vary because the use of narcotics requires special training and in some cases, the help of an anesthesiologist. Thankfully, advances in medications have made these methods of treatment much safer.

Keep in mind that most Chanhassen MN Sedation Dentistry will require someone to drive the patient because the side-effects of these treatments can include severe drowsiness or problems controlling a vehicle. Plus, the patient should discuss any possible problems before beginning treatment, especially if they are using other medications. Interactions between medications is a serious concern.

For most patients, the best choice is the oral sedation. The use of a pill will take a little longer, but the reduction of risks is worth the wait. Pills typically take about one half hour to begin working and the dentist may have the patient take them before they come to the office. This allows the medication time to take effect and reduces the length of time waiting at the office. IV delivery may be quicker, but the risk of problems due to anesthetic complications is higher. In most cases, the benefit of the IV method is not greater than that of the pill.

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