Modern Technology Can Transform Your Smile Into a Beautiful Work of Art

Long gone are the days of worrying about visiting the dentist. Cold, sterile waiting rooms have been replaced with spa-like settings. Patients racked with fear can now be comfortably sedated during procedures. Unsightly braces have been replaced with Invisalign aligners. It would seem the dentists are now artists – creating a masterpiece out of your smile.

Dental services still include root canals, dentures and crowns. In addition, there are porcelain veneers, whitening options, TMJ treatments and even Botox injections to help you achieve oral health and happiness. Cosmetic bonding, dental implants and lasers are utilized in cosmetic dentistry near Skokie to help patients achieve the look they desire.

Broken or chipped teeth no longer require extraction. Today, veneers can be permanently affixed to the tooth, leaving a beautiful, symmetrical, natural-looking tooth. Gaps between teeth do not l require a full set of braces anymore. Using veneers, the gaps can be corrected quickly and permanently, leaving only straight healthy teeth.

Missing teeth can now be fixed with dental implants. These natural-looking teeth are permanently affixed into the jaw. They look, feel and perform like your other teeth. They stay in place and do not messy denture creams. These teeth never come out. You can eat and speak without worrying. You can have one dental implant or have a whole mouthful of implants.

Well-trained cosmetic dentists can use laser therapy to correct gum issues. Botox helps with issues like TMJ and even Ultherapy can be applied to tighten the sagging skin around neck and facial areas.

Cosmetic dentistry near Skokie can transform your smile and builds confidence for big events like a wedding or family reunion. Cosmetic dentistry also can help you look your best for a career change or job interview. Check out Chicago Dental Arts for more information and see how we can make a life-changing difference in your appearance and overall self-esteem.