Mundelein Best Dentists Offer a Range of Treatment Options

Our teeth are important to our lives. Without teeth, it can be hard to eat or speak properly. Other people may judge you if you have missing or unattractive teeth. There are many ways that teeth can become damaged or appear unattractive, and it can be hard to avoid everything that could harm them. Whether routine maintenance or emergency procedures, dentists can help improve problems with people’s teeth. Mundelein Best Dentists offer a range of procedures to help patients with any dental need.

If teeth have become stained or yellow, professional dental whitening can restore them to their natural white color. Professional whitening works better than home whitening systems. Dentists are able to protect gum from getting damaged by chemicals and ensure whitening is done safely. Professional whitening is also faster and more effective than at-home products.

If part of a tooth is missing or chipped, a dentist can use dental bonding to repair it. Bonding involves attaching a bit of porcelain or composite material to the remaining tooth. This restores the tooth and make it appear whole and natural.

If teeth are missing, dentists can fit patients with dentures or use dental implants. Dental implants are placed under the gum surgically, and they act as a natural tooth’s root. This allows for a replacement tooth to be attached and act as a natural tooth. Implants look and feel like real teeth, and they don’t inhibit speech or eating the way that dentures can. Dentures may also be ill-fitting or come loose, and implants do not have any of these issues.

Braces are used to correct teeth with gaps or crooked teeth. They consist of metal brackets that are connected with wires. These wires are then tightened by a dentist to gradually move teeth into a better position. Braces are often worn for years, but they offer very dramatic results. Often, a retainer is worn after braces are removed to keep teeth from moving out of place.

It is important to maintain a healthy set of teeth. They are necessary for speaking, eating and being accepted by others. It is easy to accidentally damage teeth or sustain wear as we age. Mundelein Best Dentists can improve your teeth in any situation. Connect with North Suburban Dental of Mundelein for more information.