Routine Examinations

If you have children, then you must find the best dentist in Chicago so that they can have routine examinations every six months. During these visits, you will also want to have your children’s teeth cleaned professionally so that they have healthy teeth and gums. When your child has a cavity, the dentist will fill it quickly so that your child doesn’t experience any discomfort. A good general dentist will also have a caring dental hygienist who will teach your children more about brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

Customized Mouth Guards

Having emergency dental care is one of the reasons for finding the best dentist in Chicago, especially when you have children who are active. A general dentist can make a customized mouth guard for your child to protect her teeth while she is playing sports or riding a bicycle. However, if an accident does occur that chips or dislodges a tooth, then you can visit your favorite dental facility for assistance. Make sure to care for the tooth or the tooth’s chip carefully so that the dentist can use it during a surgical procedure.

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After your child is a teenager, she may have pain in the back of her mouth, and this is often caused by impacted third molars. It is important to call the best dentist in Chicago for wisdom teeth removal as fast as possible. If the third molars are pushing against the other teeth in your child’s mouth, then it can lead to dental malocclusions. The removal of wisdom teeth is fast, but your child will need to recover at home for a few days by sleeping and eating a soft diet. For more information about dental care for children, contact Chicago Dental Arts at our website