Seeking The Services of a Dentist West Point, GA

A beautiful smile is one of the most attractive features on a person, and one that everyone strives to have. So what does it take to have a perfect smile? The first pre-requisite to having a great smile, is having a set of healthy, white strong teeth and gums. Secondly, is ensuring the perfect alignment and structure of your set of teeth. If you reside in Georgia then your Dentist West Point, GA can guide you in developing habits that will help you attain the perfect smile.

One of the deterrents to a beautiful smile is the existence of tooth decay or gum disease. There are several causes of tooth decay that will leave your teeth looking horrible. Your Dentist West Point, GA will explain to you that the main cause of tooth decay is the plaque that sits on your enamel. Your mouth is full of bacteria, which when combined with particles of food forms a sticky film known as plaque.

This plaque is full of acid that will break down your tooth and erode the surface of your enamel. The result of this is that a cavity will begin to form and your nerves will be exposed to bacteria causing an unbearable toothache.

There are several things that one can do to avoid the development of tooth decay. The first step your Dentist West Point, GA will advise you to make is to change your diet. Stay away from foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates such as sweets, chocolates and crisps.

These types of foods are more likely to stick to your teeth as opposed to fruits and vegetables. Developing a good oral hygiene regiment such as brushing your teeth and regular flossing after every meal will also help you eliminate the buildup of plaque.

A professional Dentist West Point, GA will encourage you to avoid habits such as smoking as they are bound to increase your chances of developing tooth decay. This is because smokers tend to have lower levels of saliva in their mouth. Saliva helps to keep your teeth clean and the presence of tobacco prevents the production of saliva which assists in eliminating bacteria.