The Basics of Tooth Colored Fillings in Loveland, CO

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems encountered by dentists. By restoring a decayed tooth’s overall structure, dentists can improve bite strength, smile appearance, and dental health. In the past few years, dentists have increasingly used tooth colored fillings in Loveland CO to restore the aesthetics and health of patients’ teeth.

The Basics of Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a small restoration that is appropriate for the treatment of dental cavities. In years past, fillings usually came in the form of metal amalgam, but recent improvements have led dentists to use naturally-colored materials for dental fillings.

Cosmetic Issues With Metal Fillings

An apparent problem with dental fillings as a restorative option is that they are readily noticeable. The dark color appears black when embedded into the natural structure of a tooth, and it can make the patient self-conscious about smiling, laughing, and interacting normally with others.

Dental Health Issues of Metal Fillings

Dental health issues are perhaps more pressing than the aesthetic issues mentioned here. Metal fillings of the past often had a high content of toxic mercury, and some fillings could warp under extreme temperatures, causing gradual damage to the tooth. From here, it is easy to see why dentists are concerned about the health and appearance of patients’ smiles.

Why Natural-Colored Fillings are Best for Aesthetic and Health Reasons

An obvious advantage of Tooth Colored Fillings in Loveland CO is that they seamlessly blend with the natural structure of a patient’s teeth. When the filling is installed, it is almost indistinguishable from the patient’s natural tooth surface. Unlike old metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings have no toxic ingredients, and they will not warp under rapid temperature shifts.

Other Restorative Options

Sometimes, traditional fillings aren’t enough to meet a patient’s needs, but other options can help. Onlays, inlays, and crowns are all ideal for more severe tooth decay cases, and a dentist can help the patient address his or her needs during the initial consultation.

For additional information on naturally-colored fillings and other choices in dental restoration, patients can contact us today. The team looks forward to working with patients and helping them achieve the best results possible for their dental health.