The Benefits of a Tooth Crown in Philadelphia

The field of cosmetic dentistry has become extremely popular as individuals are beginning to understand the wide range of procedures dentists can offer to patients who weren’t fortunate enough to be born with one of those “movie star smiles.” Whitening treatments can make a dramatic difference in a person’s appearance, and the same can be said for veneers, implants, bridges, and bonding. Even natural-colored fillings can improve a smile, but there are times when a tooth is broken, fractured, or badly decayed, a Tooth Crown in Philadelphia is called for.

A crown is most commonly used when a tooth looks unattractive and has sustained damage that requires it to be protected and strengthened. If a filling or other type of restoration isn’t practical, a crown is a solution. A dental crown will encase the entire tooth, restoring its original shape, color, and size. The procedure isn’t complex, and it isn’t as invasive as an implant, but it does require more than one appointment. During the first appointment, molds will be made of the tooth. The molds will be used to create your custom crown, which is fabricated by a dental laboratory. A mold is also used to provide you with a temporary crown which will be worn for an approximately two-week period until the new crown has been created.

During the second visit, the temporary crown will be removed. The dentist will see that your tooth is properly prepared by removing any decay and performing any reshaping that is called for to ensure a good fit for your Tooth Crown in Philadelphia. The crown will be checked thoroughly to make sure the bite and spacing are correct. Although crowns are made of solid, durable material, they may eventually need to be replaced, as with all dental restorations. Regular checkups will ensure that any issues which may develop will be taken care of promptly.

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