The Marvelous Results Produced by Restoration Dentistry

The latest innovations in dental technology has made it so any oral complication can be corrected. From teeth whitening, to complete Restoration Dentistry for missing teeth, a skilled dentist can revamp a smile for anyone.

Restoring a Disfigured Smile

Living with missing teeth can have a big impact on a person’s life. Missing teeth can make it harder to chew, speak and the problem can lead to additional oral complications.

There is a solution to missing teeth with implant Restoration Dentistry. Dental implants simulate the characteristics of natural teeth. Artificial teeth are secured to titanium posts that act as tooth roots. The procedure creates a brand new smile that takes on the appearance of perfect, straight natural teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers is a procedure that creates a new smile for the front section of teeth. An overlay of dental materials adheres to the teeth. The patient must have fairly healthy teeth that will be behind the overlay. Veneers conceal aesthetic imperfections such as crooked teeth, gaps, an under-bite or overbite, and stains.

A tooth is prepared for a veneer by removing a half millimeter of enamel from the front surface. The thickness of the veneer is equal to the amount of enamel removed. The dentist then makes an impression of the tooth. The teeth impressions are sent to a lab where customized veneers are made.

Laser Dentistry

Some are bothered by the sound and vibration of drills, needles and the feeling of a numb face after work is done. All this can be eliminated with laser dentistry. The system works with water and a laser. The laser allows for work do be done with the most accuracy. It’s good for procedures done on hard and soft tissue.

When cavities are filled via laser dentistry, less tooth enamel is removed to make space for the filling material. This is because a drill cannot operate with as much precision as a laser. The water-based system helps the tooth being worked on retain moisture, which reduces pain. The healing process is sped up and patients don’t have to wait for their face to regain feeling afterward. Learn more by visiting the website