Three Characteristics of Dental Implants in DC That Make Them the Best Solution for Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can be a difficult thing to deal with. People who have experienced tooth loss tend to feel self-conscious about smiling because they are afraid that others will judge them on the condition of their smile. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing they have to worry about, especially since tooth loss can also send a person’s oral health into decline; however, patients need to know that opting for dental implants instead of other solutions like bridges can help keep both of these things from happening. For those who are currently considering their options for tooth replacement, here’s a few compelling reasons to go with dental implants instead of a different procedure.

While dental bridges have been used as a viable tooth replacement option for many years, the simple truth is that they cannot protect a person from declining oral health the same way that dental implants in DC can. This is because during the surgical process, the implant will become fused to the patient’s jawbone, so when they chew their food each day the jawbone will receive stimulation, which will in turn prevent it from deteriorating. Because dental bridges don’t stimulate the bone, they cannot help preserve a patient’s jawbone or enhance their oral health.

It’s important for patients to know that there will be no need for them to worry about how their dental implants will look or feel, because there will be no visible hardware and their dentist will be able to match the shape and color of the prosthesis to that of their natural teeth. When they smile, laugh, talk and eat, there will be no difference in appearance or function.

One of the things that patients love most about choosing dental implants is knowing that they are getting a permanent solution to their tooth loss problem. Unlike bridges that may need to be replaced after a few decades, patients can expect their dental implants in DC to last a lifetime when they make the commitment to proper care, which This can save a lot of money in the long run, making implants a great monetary investment.

Dental implants are the premier solution for tooth loss because they are beautiful, durable, and actually have the ability to enhance a person’s oral health. Feel free to click here to get more info and learn more about how dental implants can help ease a patient’s worries and give them a reason to smile again.