Using Pediatric Dentists Is Best for Your Child

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Dental

When a parent is ready to take their child to see one of the pediatric dentists near Tinley Park for the first time, they may want to take a few steps beforehand in getting the youngster used to the idea. Visiting a dentist can be a bit stressful for a child if they are not introduced to the concept in advance. Here are some steps one can take to help prepare their child for a trip to a dentist.

It is a good idea to have the child watch a family member as they get their teeth cleaned. This will help familiarize themselves with the process so they will become more excited about the prospect of having their own session. Bring the child to a reputable dentist to sit in a chair in the room as the teeth are cleaned. If they are old enough to ask questions, encourage them to direct them to the dentist or hygienist during the procedure.

Take a tour of the facility so the child is aware of their surroundings before it is time for their own appointment. If possible, have the dentist introduce themselves to the child so they know what they look like before their own appointment.

Encourage healthy oral hygiene practices at home in the days leading up to the appointment. Do some crafts related to the care of teeth to help the child learn why going to the dentist is important? Read books about going to the dentist and tooth care in general. These additions will help the child to get excited about their own appointment.

Have family members talk about the dentist with the child. This will get them engaged in conversation about the ordeal, helping to alleviate any fear they may have as a result.

If someone wishes to make an appointment for their child with one of the pediatric dentists near Tinley Park, they will want to make sure the facility is kid-friendly. Take a tour of a practice or take a look at a like to be introduced to a great practice with children’s needs in mind. For more information contact Chicago kiDDS Pediatric Dentistry today.

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