What Does An Orthodontist Do?

In much the same way that medical doctors or lawyers choose to specialize in a specific area of the profession, dentists do the same. An orthodontist in Downers Grove is a dentist that has elected to specialize in orthodontics which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of dental irregularities such as bad bites, tooth crowding, etc.

An orthodontist is a fully qualified dentist that has elected to take further education and gain clinical experience as an orthodontic resident.

What does an orthodontist do?

An orthodontist is an expert in correcting teeth and jaw misalignments. People who have misaligned teeth tend to suffer from numerous debilitating problems such as speech impediments, difficulties with chewing and eating their food and difficulty in performing satisfactory dental hygiene.

The common issues that an orthodontist in Downers Grove deals with are:

   * Teeth malocclusions: Many people suffer from teeth malocclusions, the most common of which are under bite and overbite. Under bite is a deviation when the lower teeth are forward of the upper teeth while an overbite is just the opposite. Both of these deviations from the norm can cause problems with eating and speaking.

   * Overcrowding: perhaps the most common problem that is seen and treated by an orthodontist is overcrowding. Some patients lack space in their jawbone, this results in adult teeth not erupting in the preferred alignment.

How does an orthodontist correct these types of problems?

After the orthodontist has thoroughly examined the patient’s teeth and jaw, he or she will recommend a specific treatment plan to correct the condition. The most common treatment is to fit the patient with braces. Braces consist of brackets which are attached to the front of individual teeth and a wire which is used to slowly move the teeth into the desired position. Dental braces are usually made from metal but they can also be made from ceramics or invisible dental plastics.

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