3 Clear Signs That You May Be a Candidate for Tooth Extraction

Your teeth are always developing and moving since the eruption of the first tooth as a child. The development and movement depend on how well you take care of your teeth. Tooth decay increases the chances of infections and irreversible tooth damage. While you may practice proper dental care to maintain dental hygiene, you may still develop infections that make tooth extraction necessary. The mention of tooth extraction for most people is a nightmare. However, tooth extraction is essential in saving other teeth from extreme damage. It also relieves tooth pain, which can be devastating. You should watch out for these signs that indicate the need for visiting your dentist for tooth extractions.

You Have a Damaged Tooth

Your dentist might try to fix your severely damaged teeth with treatment options, such as a crown or dental filling. However, the damage can sometimes be severe that repair is not an option. In that case, your dentist will recommend tooth extractions in West Loop.

Your Tooth Is Infected

If antibiotics are unable to treat your infected tooth, then that is a sign that you may have to consider an extraction. It prevents infecting other teeth. Tooth root infection is a primary cause for tooth extractions. A root canal can be carried out when the pulp is infected. However, severe infection demands tooth extraction.

You Have Loose Teeth

The other sign that you are due for tooth extraction is loose teeth. If your dentist cannot save your loose teeth, then tooth extractions in West Loop become the preferred option. A primary cause of loose teeth is gum disease, which destroys your jawbone. As such, your teeth loosen in their sockets.

If these signs describe you, then you should visit Pure Dental Spa. The dental expert will recommend tooth extraction for pain relief and saving your other teeth. Teeth extractions are nothing to worry about because oral surgeons use pain relief techniques and perform the process gently.