Understanding the Benefits of Orthodontics in Fort Myers, Florida

When a person thinks of orthodontic treatment, they often consider the benefits this treatment provides in terms of a person’s physical appearance. However, Orthodontics in Fort Myers Florida go above and beyond the physical aspects. Health problems may arise when the teeth are crooked or when the jaws aren’t properly aligned, and braces or other orthodontic appliances can be of great help in resolving these issues. Why should every child see an orthodontist today?

Possible Problems

If a person’s teeth do not line up properly, it is hard to clean them. As a result, the person may suffer from tooth decay and/or gum disease. In addition, teeth that aren’t properly aligned or jaw misalignment can bring about problems with chewing one’s food and digestion issues. A person’s speech may be impaired or the teeth might wear down as a result of an improper bite. Jaw problems can also bring about additional issues, such as face and neck pain or headaches.

Treatment Advances

A person may be hesitant to seek orthodontic treatment because they don’t want a mouth full of metal brackets. Fortunately, this is not the only option available today. The patient may choose tooth-colored brackets or opt for invisible aligners to straighten the teeth and realign the jaw. There are even wires now that are heat activated. The orthodontist works with the patient to determine the right treatment for his or her needs.

The Treatment Stages

The first step of orthodontic treatment involves assessing the mouth and determining the treatment that is needed. Once the braces or other appliances have been placed, the active stage of treatment begins. Regular appointments are needed to make adjustments and ensure the treatment plan remains on track. Once the teeth and jaws have been properly aligned, the retention stage begins. The goal of this treatment stage is to ensure the changes made will last.

Orthodontics in Fort Myers Florida can be of great help in resolving many oral health issues. Schedule an appointment to be evaluated today. You might find you need very little work to resolve the problems you are experiencing. If more extensive work is needed, the team can be of help here also. A visit with the orthodontist is needed, however, to determine which is the case, so take this step today.