3 Ways to Conquer the Fear of Dentist Appointments

Your teeth are hurting again, but you haven’t lifted a finger to get it fixed in months. Do you go to make an appointment with a dentist in Northridge, CA, only to allow another appointment to let you cancel the day before? If you are one of those who recoils at the thought of the dentist chair, you’re not alone. More than 75 percent of Americans share your fear of dental phobia and 10 percent of Americans are extremely terrified. If you’re somewhere in this 85 percent but your teeth are still in pain, it’s time to alleviate your fears of the dentist.

Why the Fear?

When it comes to dentists, some cite a fear of drills, past negative experiences, bad dentist personalities or other reasons that keep them from going for a dental checkup or to get work done. In many cases, pain suffered in childhood from a pick scraping a gum or a cavity being filled remain in our psyche and reinforce the fear.

It’s a good idea to question why you feel the way you do. Your feelings, however, may be even more terrible than the experience was itself. Here are three ways you can overcome that fear so you can be over and done with dental work and the anxiety that comes with it.

Talk with Your Dentist

The number one rule is to communicate. When you talk to your dentist in Northridge, CA, bring up what you’re afraid of; don’t be shy. Expressing your deepest fears and concerns opens the conversation up for the dentist to change his or her methods to make you feel comfortable, safe and protected from harm. Need more anesthesia? Over-communicate with your dentist to make sure he or she knows. They can alleviate your fears when you express them.

Form a ‘Stop’ Signal

For extra peace of mind, establish a signal that tells the dentist when to stop. This can be a hand gesture, rapid eye blink, moving eyes left and right or anything else you agree upon. Better to stop the dentist if you feel nausea and extreme discomfort overwhelm you than to keep going. Asking to stop is not the end of the world, and business will resume as usual once you’ve gotten the chance to take a break and breathe.

Make Regular Visits

When it comes to establishing familiarity with your dentist in Northridge, CA, you want to first make appointments regularly. This one act flies in the face of all your fears. Not only will you have exemplary teeth if you constantly check up, you’ll begin to actually look forward to them. You’ll witness any dental phobia you had slowly evaporate over time.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Northridge, CA, Northridge Dental Works has the dental office you need to set things right.