A Dental Bridge Is the Solution to Many Problems

In order to understand how dental bridges in York, ON can help you, it is important to first understand what a bridge is. A dental bridge does literally what its name implies. It bridges the gap that is the result of one or more missing teeth. A bridge utilizes two or more crowns on either side of the hole that was left by the teeth that are gone. A bridge can either get support from the natural teeth still in place or via implants.

What Advantages Can A Dental Bridge Provide You With?

  • Get your smile back – When you are missing teeth it is common to feel the need to hide your smile because you are self-conscious about it. The use of a dental bridge can easily resolve this problem and make you feel comfortable again about the quality of your smile.
  • Using your mouth is better – Eating can be a painful experience with missing teeth and sometimes made awkward by food getting stuck. Missing teeth can also result in the way that you speak being altered as the air moves differently in your mouth. These are problems that a dental bridge can solve.
  • Maintain the way you look – Missing teeth can often result in your jaw having a sunken look. A dental bridge will allow you to keep the shape of your face.
  • Keep your teeth in line – If a teeth are missing; the remaining ones feel free to move around your mouth resulting in a smile that looks incredibly misshapen and crooked. A dental bridge will keep the remaining teeth in place and stop them from drifting around.

Get Quality Dental Care

DLA has been providing their clients with quality and sturdy bridges for over 25 years. They use only the highest quality dental tools in order to provide you with the confidence to smile once again. Contact them today and speak with them about having a dental bridge installed.

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