All about Traditional Braces

Many children and teenagers continue to opt for braces from their Orthodontist in Chicago these days, and even adults are following suit. Orthodontic care can dramatically improve your smile, providing long-lasting results and great joy if you were otherwise embarrassed by your smiles. Of course, orthodontic care can do much more than just give you a smile with which you can be pleased. It can also improve your bite, close gaps between your teeth, make room for wisdom teeth and other permanent teeth and even make it easier for you to bite, chew and speak. While other teeth-straightening options exist today, traditional braces are still some of the most popular treatments.

Traditional braces are made entirely of silver-colored metal. Front teeth have brackets cemented to the fronts of them while molars have bands encircling them. A wire is then strung through each of these metal pieces. At each appointment, which generally happens every two to three months, the shape of the wire is adjusted, allowing your teeth to change positions gradually. Your Orthodontist in Chicago may also need to use other appliances. Headgear may be necessary for a time. Small rubber bands can be strung between the top and the bottom teeth to adjust them further. Your length of treatment will depend on your unique needs. Once your braces are removed, you will be given a retainer to keep your teeth in their newly aligned positions.

Your Orthodontist in Chicago will be able to answer all of your other questions about traditional braces, such as how comfortable they will be, how you should clean around them and what you will be allowed to eat. Choose Lippitz Orthodontics at for professional care that you can trust and for a welcoming office atmosphere that feels like home.