An Oral Surgeon in Summit, NJ Is Able To Restore Dental Health

Dentistry has changed for the better in recent years. The family dentist has a wide range of dental health services to perform. These include dental exams, preventative dental services, filling of cavities, teeth whitening, and more. But, more serious procedures such as removing teeth, implanting teeth, oral surgery, and other services are often referred to an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ. Different family dentists have different services they choose to perform and ones they refer to an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ.

Why Choose An Oral Surgeon?

Some dental and oral surgery is more difficult and serious than filling a cavity or installing a dental crown. The patient may be better off under sedation to avoid unnecessary discomfort and pain. Wisdom teeth that need removal are good examples. Dental implants are yet another example. Anyone who has suffered through a tooth removal that took hours and was painful can see that having an experienced, highly-qualified oral surgeon do the procedure might be an advantage.

Tooth implants are a relatively new procedure that allows a person to have a full mouth of teeth that are permanent rather than being removed at night to clean. The process for implanting teeth involves drilling a hole in the jaw and inserting a type of post that the tooth or teeth will be installed on. The jaw must be in good enough condition to hold the post. The teeth must match the remaining teeth of the patient and be properly installed on the posts for a comfortable, permanent fit.

Some patients are afraid of dental work but need tooth removal or other dental surgery. They may do better if put to sleep during dental procedures. But, sedation requires knowledge and care for the safety of the patient. A trained oral surgeon has this knowledge and experience.

Don’t Ditch The Family Dentist

Don’t ditch the family dentist because this dental professional is better suited to handle the everyday dental needs of most patients. Getting yearly dental exams and preventative dental work can save the patient money and ruined teeth. This dentist can clean and whiten teeth, oversee tooth straightening, and more. This dentist can examine a person’s teeth and decide what work can be done in the office and what will need to be referred to an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ. Contact Westfield Oral Surgery for more information.