Are You Looking for Professional Implant Dentistry Services in Vancouver, WA?

Across the country, there are many thousands of people of all ages who are suffering the shame of badly damaged or missing teeth. This can affect a person in a variety of ways, making him or her feel ashamed, embarrassed to go out, and even depressed. The way we look, including our smiles, is important to us and for many people it is a source of deep and personal shame. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Nearby Implant dentistry services in Vancouver, WA can help to restore that smile and make a person feel whole again.

Not Always Poor Health

While we might assume that people who have missing or badly damaged teeth have poor dental habits, there are actually a wide variety of possible reasons. The good news is that local clinics such as Mill Plain Dental Center can help. Here are some reasons why teeth might be missing or badly damaged:

* Hormone-related loss of bone density and calcium, often during pregnancy
* Sporting injuries that knock out or damage teeth
* Accidents and impact trauma that damage teeth irreparably

How Can Implants Help?

Nearby Implant dentistry services are a great way to regain your confidence if you feel the social shame often associated with missing teeth. Though many people assume that such cosmetic dentistry is all about vanity, the truth is that missing teeth can actually have a health impact, including sagging cheeks, difficulty eating, and difficulty eating.

A tooth implant is a strong and durable method of replacing missing teeth or even teeth that are badly damaged and rotten. The implant is securely screwed into the bone of the jaw and then a natural-looking tooth is placed on top of it. In this way, implant dentistry services can make a person feel whole and confident again!

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