Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

Any surgical procedure performed on the mouth is a hard sell, but among the hardest is the root canal. In recent years, pop culture has done its hardest to make the term root canal synonymous with ungodly pain. The phrase alone can make an algophobe squirm in their seat from the implication. However, times have changed, and the procedure is much more painless than it previously was. Which creates the perfect opportunity to talk about the upsides of getting a root canal. So, if you are due for a root canal in Charleston SC, here is a short list of the main benefits of the procedure.

#1. Removing long term pain
Root canals are required when your pulp, a layer of soft tissue in the tooth, becomes either infected or inflamed from a variety of causes. If left untreated, this pulp can cause serious pain or even create an abscess under the tooth. A root canal is essentially carving out the infected/inflamed pulp, and then deep cleaning the inside of the tooth. So, however much it hurts afterwards, it will be saving you from much more pain in the future.

#2. Less costly than alternatives
The main alternative to a root canal is tooth extraction. This will do the same job, but will also require plenty of follow up visits to make sure your mouth is adjusting properly to the loss of an entire tooth. Making sure the structure of the jawline is stable, implementing a tooth implant etc. which of course leads to further and more expensive costs. Whereas with a root canal, you go through the procedure, and then you’re done. The pulp has been removed, and you are free to go. For people who are constantly worried about dental appointments and their impact on their finances, this is simply the much better option.

#3. Visually appealing result
After a root canal procedure is finished, the tooth is topped with a crown to hide the surgical damage. This crown is specially designed to look exactly like your tooth looked before receiving the root canal, so when it’s done, to most people, it looks like you never went in for the treatment at all. Whereas with other treatments, such as tooth extraction, you have a very noticeable hole in your smile for the rest of your life, unless you put up the money for a dental implant.

Root canals have become one of the safest and least painful procedures you’re likely to go through with your dentist. They’re more efficient, more cost effective, and have a reduced impact on your life overall. So if you’re beginning to feel a similar sort of pain in your teeth, talk to your dentist, and see if you’re in need of a root canal.