Benefits Of Invisalign Braces In Nassau County NY

Some people were born with perfect teeth and some weren’t. If a person has crowded teeth, gaps in their teeth, or a misaligned jaw, there are two treatment options available. The first is traditional metal braces and the second is invisalign braces in Nassau County NY. Of the two options, Invisalign has the most benefits.

Better Appearance

When a person has traditional metal braces, they are very noticeable. Invisalign, however, are not. If a person is using Invisalign as their treatment method, most people won’t even realize that the person is wearing the aligner. This is because Invisalign aligners are transparent.

No Food Restrictions

If a person has metal braces, there are certain foods that they cannot eat as they can be damaging to the braces. If the individual uses Invisalign, they can eat anything they want. This is because the aligners are removed when the person eats.

Easy to Care For

It can be difficult to brush and floss with braces. A special tool is necessary to clean underneath the wires. If the individual doesn’t brush enough around the brackets properly, their teeth can be permanently stained when the braces come off. Brushing with Invisalign is simple because the aligners are removed before the person brushes and flosses their teeth.

Less Pain

The brackets on metal braces are sharp. It is not uncommon for them to scrape against the inside of the lips and cheeks and cause irritation. This is not the case with Invisalign. Invisalign aligners are completely smooth, therefore, there is no risk of irritation or injury.

Shorter Treatment Time

The average treatment time for a person with metal braces is between one and three years, depending on how serious the condition is. The average treatment time for Invisalign is between one and two years. Most people want to get the treatment over with as soon as possible so that they can show off their perfect smile, therefore, Invisalign is the best option.

If a person is trying to decide between traditional metal braces and invisalign braces in Nassau County NY, Invisalign has the most benefits. For more information, contact us.