Bonding Is One Option to Consider when Visiting a Dentist in Port Monmouth

A person’s smile says a great deal about him or her. When a person smiles, he or she is approachable as they appear to be friendly. When a person refuses to smile due to one or more issues with his or her teeth, others won’t feel comfortable spending time with the person. Thankfully, there are many cosmetic dentistry treatment which can help with problem teeth. Visit a dentist today to learn what can be done to give you an attractive smile, one that you can’t wait to show off.

When you go to visit a Dentist in Port Monmouth, he or she may recommend bonding for certain teeth to make your smile more attractive. This popular treatment looks and functions as the original tooth did and can be of great assistance in creating a beautiful smile. Many choose this option as it is less expensive than crowns and porcelain veneers and yet will last for years to come. Don’t live with a smile that is less than perfect when many cosmetic dentistry treatments are offered. Bonding is only one that can be used to help you have beautiful teeth.

Teeth are made up of dentin and enamel. The dentin in the innermost portion of the tooth and is where the nerves of the tooth reside while enamel is the portion of the tooth that is seen. When bonding is used, the dentist creates a substance made up of a composite resin and porcelain to recreate the natural tooth. With bonding, the tooth not only has a color similar to other teeth in the mouth, it also adheres nicely so the bond lasts for a long period of time.

Dentists typically choose to use bonding for one or more chipped teeth although the materials may be used for other purposes. Once the bond is complete, others will be unable to tell it isn’t your natural tooth. If you have one or more teeth that keep you from smiling, visit a cosmetic dentist today. He or she has a number of options which can be of assistance in giving you a great smile, one you can’t wait to flash at strangers as you leave the office.