Child Dental Care In Broken Arrow, OK Should Be Performed By A Pediatric Dentist

Parents want the best for their child, and the child’s dental care should be no exception. A parent should take their child to a pediatric dentist for Child Dental Care in Broken Arrow OK. An early visit to the dentist will reduce the chances of dental problems in the future.

Regular cleanings and establishing proper dental care habits will improve the odds a child will continue properly caring for their teeth for the rest of their life. Children like to eat candy and sugary substances that can erode the enamel on the teeth and cause decay. Decay that is detected early will eliminate the amount of a tooth a dentist needs to be removed to restore the damaged area.

When Should A Child Visit A Dentist?

The first visit to a dentist should be around one year of age. As a child grows, they should visit the dentist twice a year for cleaning and examination by the dentist. During those visits, the dentist will be able to see if there is enough space in a child’s mouth for the teeth that are forming and erupting. Corrective measures by the pediatric dentist will improve the oral health of a child and promote proper tooth development.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is common when a child continues to drink from a bottle. This decay is more prevalent in the upper jaw and front teeth. A parent does not want baby bottle tooth decay to become severe. The parent can help their child reduce the chance of baby bottle decay by rinsing toys and pacifiers with clean water, regularly cleaning the gums, eliminating sugar-filled foods and snacks, and using the right toothbrush and ADA approved toothpaste.

If a child’s teeth need to be removed because of decay, part of their Child Dental Care in Broken Arrow OK could be an orthodontic retainer. This retainer will provide a space maintainer that will prevent misalignment of the child’s teeth.

Pediatric dentists can provide care for a child from birth to the age of eighteen. These dentists are trained to care for children. Please feel free to Visit us for more information.