Common Services for Child Dental Care in Oahu, HI

A child needs dental care just like an adult. It’s also sometimes more difficult to get a child to adhere to a good dental health regimen, which can lead to different types of dental problems. Fortunately, a child’s first teeth are not permanent. They’ll get a chance to practice and develop their dental health regimen before the teeth become permanent. That means you should take your child in for child dental care when they’re young and begin developing those habits early on. Certain types of problems are sadly common for children.


Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. It generally occurs due to bacteria in the gums. That bacteria comes from what you eat and drink. Those things remain on and between your teeth. They begin to foster the growth of bacteria and transform into plaque on your teeth. They’re easiest to remove soon after eating, which is why brushing and flossing are so important. If the plaque multiplies, it can infect the gums. Such infection will cause swelling, pain, and sometimes bleeding. It’s a common reason to seek child dental care in Oahu, HI.

Maintaining good dental habits can often prevent gingivitis. You should talk with the professionals at Pediatric Dentistry Associates about your child’s dental habits.


Cavities are a common reason to seek child dental care as well. When you eat food, especially sticky foods, they can stick to your teeth. Sugars can convert into acids that will slowly erode the enamel of your teeth. Over time, that will lead to a cavity developing in the tooth. The cavity will need to be repaired in some way. It can either be filled with a filling, or just covered with a new kind of cap.

Physical Damage

Children often get into accidents that can damage their teeth. If baby teeth are knocked out, call a dentist right away. However, all you can really do is ice the affected area and keep it clean. You can also connect them on Facebook.