Dental Conditions Treated with Dental Crowns in Indianapolis, IN

If a person has a damaged tooth that is still healthy at the root, the dentist may recommend protecting it with a dental crown. This porcelain cap provides additional support to structurally compromised teeth. There are many ways teeth are protected by dental crowns in Indianapolis IN.

Protect During Chewing

A lot of force is placed on teeth during the chewing process. Back teeth, especially molars, take the brunt of the force. If a tooth has structural damage from a crack or a large filling, it could break further from the simple act of chewing.

Dental crowns in Indianapolis IN are fitted over the top of the damaged teeth. Crowns are made of a strong material, usually solid ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. When cemented into place, the crown will keep the weakened tooth protected while chewing even if a person is eating something crunchy or hard.

Fix Bite Alignment

Sometimes, tooth damage is caused by a misaligned bite. If a person is constantly hitting a certain tooth when speaking or chewing, it may break over time. Dental crowns are often used to fix the alignment of a patient’s bite.

The dentist will determine which teeth should be treated with a crown. Teeth are sanded into a nub-like shape in preparation for the crown. The crown is then cemented over top of the prepared tooth. Crowns can be designed in any shape or size, making them the ideal choice for fixing a bad bite.

Treat TMJ Disorder

People suffering from the pain of a TMJ disorder sometimes get dental crowns to alleviate their symptoms. TMJ pain is often the result of the jaw muscles being in a constant state of spasm. If the person’s TMJ pain was caused by grinding, their teeth may be shorter than normal, increasing the strain on their jaw muscles.

Dental crowns may be used to effectively lengthen the patient’s teeth. The dentist will most likely treat the patient’s top arch but, in some cases, all of the teeth will receive new crowns. The added length helps to relax the jaw muscles and eliminate TMJ pain.

Dental crowns are useful for protecting teeth from a variety of conditions. The added layer of protection makes teeth more durable. Contact us to find out if dental crowns would be beneficial for your smile.