What Does Cosmetic Dentistry in Panama City, FL Involve?

Our teeth serve many purposes, such as communication and eating. During communication, we not only use our teeth to pronounce certain syllables but we also use our teeth to make facial expressions such as a smile. When we do this, we often judge others by the condition of their teeth. This is simply human nature. Because of this, people might end up incorrectly labeling someone as filthy or unkempt due to the condition of that person’s teeth. This can be humiliating for the other person and being humiliated is often not a good thing. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry can solve many of these issues.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Due to the fact that our knowledge of the human body and dentistry is evolving and expanding constantly, we are now able to have dentists devote themselves to a field of dentistry that focuses on the cosmetic aspect of teeth rather than the functional aspect. Cosmetic dentistry in Panama City, FL focuses on keeping your teeth looking good whether you need your teeth whitened or you need a tooth bridge. Cosmetic dentistry focuses more on the cosmetic aspects of your teeth, such as their color and how straight they are. It serves a more socially oriented focus for people who would prefer to have their teeth look better than they currently do.

What Does it Involve?

Rather than functional dental procedures such as root canals and tooth extractions, cosmetic dentistry involves procedures such as tooth whitening and placing dental bridges. Tooth whitening involves chemically removing stains on your teeth caused by a lack of care or by certain products that can stain your teeth such as tobacco, coffee, and red wine. Dental bridges serve some functional purposes but often serve more of a cosmetic purpose. Depending on the severity, sometimes tooth straightening can also fall under the field of cosmetic dentistry. Click this link to learn more about what cosmetic dentistry involves and what it can do for you.