Root Canal Therapy in Camas, WA – What You Need to Know

If you have been experiencing intense pain in your teeth for a long time, it might be due to an infection within the root canal of your teeth. If there’s an infection within the pulp at the roof of your tooth, the only option might be to carry out root canal therapy in Camas, WA. A root canal might be required by a person if they notice excessive inflammation in their teeth. The dentist will first check the teeth to find out whether there’s an infection inside or not. An endodontist will have to carry out the procedure in order to try and save the tooth. Here are a few things that you should know about how the therapy procedure works.

The Diagnosis

When it comes to root canal therapy, the dentist will first need to inspect the tooth carefully. They will use machines to scan the teeth and find out the extent of the infection. Once the dentist confirms the need for a root canal, they will schedule you in for treatment. Reputable clinics like Lewis Family Dentistry have been offering such treatments for a long while, and are trusted by many patients all over Camas, WA.

The Treatment

When you go for a root canal therapy procedure, the dentist will first remove the pulp from inside the tooth that is infected. Then, he or she will clean and disinfect the root canals. Afterwards, the dentist will have to shape it according to the shape of the crown. After the canals have been cleaned and disinfected, the dentist will put in a filling in order to cover up and seal the space left behind by the infected pulp. This is how the procedure works. You can also connect them on Facebook.