Dental Implants Panama City FL Improves the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Smile

It is beneficial to receive Dental Implants Panama City FL to replace missing or highly damaged teeth. The procedure requires the dentist to remove the broken tooth if it is not missing when preparing the jaw for the implantation surgery. He or she evaluates the jaw to determine whether it requires skin grafting. This addition is essential if the gums are thin to protect the sinus floor from damage. Once a experienced dentist completes the skin grafting, if necessary, he or she drills hole for the implant root. When you undergo the procedure, you receive anesthesia prior to the surgery, and the dentist will inject Novocain into the affected gums to additionally numb them. This prevents immediate pain upon waking after the procedure. Realize that if he or she performs skin grafting you must wait for the gums to heal before the implantation is completed.

He or she installs the titanium root into the jaw through the holes drilled. Once it is firmly in place the dentist attaches the crown or dental implant into your gums. Some dentists perform the surgery in stages and require you to wait for between steps, which means he or she may install the root and then finalize the implant months later after your gums have healed. If this is the case, it could require up to three months or longer to finish the implantation procedure. It depends upon the length of time needed for your gums to heal and for bone within your jaw to grow properly. This waiting period is completely up to the dentist performing the surgery that is monitoring your progress.

If you opt to get Dental Implants Panama City FL realize that the length of time to complete the procedure you have the option to wear a temporary partial to hide the missing teeth between stages. This denture protects the gums and jaw while they are healing and may allow you to eat easier than without it. The partial is removable and cleans simply with your preferred denture cleansing product. The dentist will ensure proper fitting of the partial when he or she provides it for you.