Four Things You May Not Realize a Dentist in Novi Can Do

Many people think of dentists just as people who clean and repair teeth. While those are certainly some of the most important and common things they do, there are actually a number of other things they can do that you may not realize are common. The items below may surprise and excite you.

Metal-Free Fillings

When most people think of fillings, they think of the yellow gold fillings they see in their parents and grandparents mouths when they laugh. In truth, metal fillings are not very common anymore. If you’re worried about having a cavity filled because you dislike the idea of having a shiny piece of metal in one of your teeth, you need not worry any longer. If you have a cavity filled by a dentist in Novi, it’s very unlikely you’ll have to worry about metal fillings anymore.

Replacement of Metal Fillings

Along the same lines, many believe that if they’ve had metal fillings in the past that they’re stuck with them for life. In reality, you can actually visit a dentist and have these metal fillings removed, and then replaced with fillings that won’t be visible to others. These replacement fillings will be colored like a natural tooth. Many patients are uncomfortable with their metal fillings. If you feel that way, hopefully, you’ll feel better knowing that they can be replaced here in Novi.

Bad Breath Treatment

Many today believe that chronic bad breath is just something that they have to live with. They attempt to solve this problem by brushing extremely frequently, using mouthwash many times a day, and constantly eating mints and chewing gum. In reality, these habits can be bad for your oral health if used excessively. There may be something that can be done medically to treat your bad breath. It’s possible that many different diseases and conditions could be contributing to this bad breath so it may be a good idea to see a dentist about treatment.

It’s possible you could have gum disease or a yeast infection in your mouth, for example. It’s even possible that there’s a non-oral medical problem causing the bad breath. Many are surprised to learn this, but hopefully you’ll be able to get your problem solved.

Beautify Your Smile

Many are under the unfortunate impression that perfect smiles only exist in magazines and in Hollywood. However, dentists are also often very capable of handling cosmetic issues. There are a number of ways to improve your smile. Some of these procedures will improve your oral health in other ways, which makes them more likely to be covered by your insurance. Braces, dental contouring, teeth whitening, fillings, and even treatment for uneven gums are all available to patients in Novi.