Four Warning Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care in Butler, PA

Dealing with a dental emergency is frightening, but remaining calm is essential. Panicking will only lead to making poor decisions that could impair a person’s ability to seek Emergency Dental Care in Butler PA. Knowing the true signs of dental emergencies is essential for seeking proper care.

Signs of Dental Emergencies

There are a few signs that should alert a person they need Emergency Dental Care in Butler PA. Seeking prompt dental care is essential for protecting a person’s oral health. Waiting to seek dental care could result in increased pain and further damage that becomes more difficult (and expensive) to repair. The following are some common dental emergencies that should not be ignored.

  • When a tooth or gum abscess occurs, it is imperative an individual seeks immediate dental care immediately. An abscess is extremely painful, and the infection can spread to other areas of the body or even get in the bloodstream. A dentist needs to drain and treat the abscess to ensure it heals.
  • A tooth injury is often a dental emergency, especially when accompanied by pain. When a tooth becomes cracked, it needs to be treated right away so infection or necrosis does not set in. Sometimes, dentists can save a tooth that has been damaged as long as the patient is seen right away. Dentists can also re-seat teeth that are knocked from their sockets.
  • Swelling and bleeding in the mouth should never be ignored. When these symptoms are occurring, seeing the dentist right away is important. The dentist will be able to fully examine the oral cavity and properly diagnose and treat the condition.
  • Severe tooth pain could become a dental emergency, depending on the cause. Tooth pain can be caused by decay, infection, or injury. When a person’s tooth is in severe pain, getting relief begins with emergency dental care.

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If you are dealing with a dental emergency, contact us. Prompt dental care is essential for properly managing many oral health issues, including infection, disease, and injury. Call the office to schedule an emergency appointment right away so your oral health can be protected.